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AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Exhibitions and Conferences

What's covered

Large and small companies specialising in providing conferences for business leaders and specialists, and exhibitions for particular industries. These often tend to be publishing organisations and those specialising in business intelligence.

What we do

The key disciplines that we look for include: Marketing strategy; marcoms; subscription marketing; acquisition and retention marketing; data and CRM; digital marketing inc. web development and content, email marketing and social media; offline marketing and traditional DM; thought leadership and PR; branding; product marketing; insights; product and proposition development and management; internal communications; and, stakeholder management.

The key requirement is usually the marketing of these exhibitions and conferences but clients often ask for candidates who have been involved in the logistics side as well.

Who We Do It For

We work with conference and exhibition organisers, as well as publishers, of all sizes, from smaller niche organisations to the major players, across all sectors of business from actuarial to architecture, intellectual property to tax.

the team

Claudine Farrell

Senior Consultant


Caroline Simmonds



Jackie Pinfold

Lead Consultant


Exhibitions and Conferences JOBS

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