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The importance of being different, from our MD

Our MD, Paul Carr, shares his views on how important it is to be different in the ever-changing and turbulent market of today! In marketing, there’s a lot of emphasis on being ‘different’...

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Posted: 23 Aug 2017

Conducting personal admin at work could increase security risk

It can be tempting to complete some 'personal admin' when we have free time at work...

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Posted: 22 Aug 2017

Users spend half an hour on Instagram every day

Research has found that Instagram users spend up to half an hour on the platform a day – so what does this mean for marketers? The research comes from Instagram's parent company Facebook Inc...

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Posted: 17 Aug 2017

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Are you unintentionally helping your employees find a new job?

Some recent trends noticed by one of our Lead Consultants Christine Ebeling Long on how you may be helping your employees find a new job... Working in recruitment I have noticed a slight...

Posted 9 Aug 2017

Is your uncomfortable workplace driving you to distraction?

Is your office driving you to distraction? Does your chair give you backache? Does your workspace have a habit of switching from hot to cold and then back again, leaving you muggy and chilly all at...

Posted 8 Aug 2017

Email preferred marketing method for 89% of millennials

Email is indestructible. Despite years of naysayers portending the death of the marketing method, it continues to prove itself as an effective driver of conversions and sales. However, there is one...

Posted 3 Aug 2017

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3 Reasons to Give Unsuccessful Candidates Feedback

Here it is, a dream job, the wait for an interview but after all of that, a rejection! When it comes to interviews, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what went “wrong”. 4 out...

Posted 2 Aug 2017

Study finds social media saps productivity

These days, it seems there's no limit to the distractions on offer around us. Whether it's our hectic schedules, social media sites that never sleep or one of the multitudes of screens staring...

Posted 1 Aug 2017

Mind The Gap: The Gender Pay Gap

Since the release of the BBC’s highest earning stars’ and staff salaries last week, we’ve all been listening to the news go on about the gender pay gap and why it’s so awful...

Posted 28 Jul 2017

Marketers, ignore email opt-outs at your peril!

Marketers beware – it may be tempting to treat the 'opt out of email' clause as an obligation you too can opt out of, but as UK price comparison website Moneysupermarket.com Ltd will...

Posted 27 Jul 2017

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Skills Shortage Creating Problems for Employers

Whether it's the hours spent posting on job boards, pouring over CVs, vetting potential candidates or conducting interviews, the hiring process can be a stressful and resource-heavy endeavour....

Posted 25 Jul 2017

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